Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wife-beating an acceptable wrong!

India's Department of Family Welfare released the data from Phase III of its National Family Health Survey. Dr Sulabha Parasuraman of the International Institute of Population Studies headed the survey conducted jointly by 18 organizations in 2005 and 2006. 1.25 lakh (125,000) women in 28 states and New Delhi were surveyed regarding their opinions on wife abuse. Here is some of the data that is simply bewildering.

41% of women find wife beating justified if they showed disrespect towards their in-laws.
35% women say being assaulted by their spouse for neglecting household chores or their children is justifiable.
51% of the 75,000 men interviewed found no wrong in assaulting their wives.

In 2000 a survey of ninety-thousand women across the country conducted by the same Institute for the Indian Health Ministry found that a third or more of the women felt that beatings were justified for neglecting the house or children, for going out without informing their husbands, for showing disrespect to in-laws or for being suspected of infidelity.

Clearly more Indian women are accepting of being disciplined by their husbands than anyone ever imagined. With improving socio-economic and academic standards among Indians since the year 2000, this is a surprising disparity. Very sad indeed!

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CBI said...

Don't women in India want to be liberated from our submissive culture? Education has nothing to do with intelligence and rational thinking in life. That's the sad truth.