Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bollywood's Gay Casting Couch is out of the closet!

While many in the industry continue to deny its existence, models Aashish Chaudhary and Rahul Dev, fashion designers Ravi Bajaj and Manish Malhotra and film columnist Bharati Pradhan have told news media of the ubiquity of the gay casting couch while denying ever gracing it.

The Industry has had a still harder time still quelling the rumors with recent revelations of actual incidents. Noted playback singer Sonu Nigam, little know model Surjit Jagdish Singh and actor Sahil Khan have publicly acknowledged sexual harassment at the hands of a journalist, a fellow actor, and a model coordinator respectively.

But this culture has not limited itself to the fringes of Bollywood. Many "A" list personalities have been rumored to be in same sex relationships and/or accept favors in return for promising film careers.

Bollywood might be born out of a conventional and conservative country but it’s inside story is filled with anecdotes of polygamy, sexual exploitation, sleaze and .............

Read the entire article for an insight into the secret culture and to find out who are the A list celebrities involved at "India Indeed: Indepth"

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