Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Conversations on Mumbai's Terrorist attack

10 Terrorists is all it took!
Conversation posted on Monday, December 1, 2008 at 2:03pm

Today I heard yet another story. This was of a young reporter whose last text message was something like this " I am under the bed, the terrorists are in the bathroom". She was one among the many who lost her life in the most senseless and tragic way. It took only 10 terrorists to hold a city hostage but 70 long hours for the siege to end. India cannot stand and point fingers at anyone but our own failure in protecting our people. In a city that has been plagued by the worst terrorist and communal acts in the world, Mumbai should have been always ready and always on alert. Mumbai and all major cities in India need to be on constant war footing; always anticipating, expecting and preparing for the worst. Our enemies are dangerous, ruthless and clever. While they might change their tactics and modus operandi, we need to be one step ahead. India has never lacked a brilliant mind. We have brave soldiers and citizens. We have the power, the skill and will. What we need is the determination and responsible governance. We need expertise, preparedness, gear and strength.The international attention will fade and the cameras will turn away. Every nation has its own war to fight and will choose its enemies and friends that best suit its security needs. Worldwide condemnation is just a symbolic gesture and does little to bolster our own security. This is India's fight. Peace to all those affected.

Husna Md wroteat 8:07pm on December 1st, 2008

Samir, Journalist Sabina Sakia's story is one of the several stories,that had us all totally agape.Her close encounter with death,and like a true reporter relegating that news to the Newsdesk,until the last moment was terribly moving.. Every person that has survived the horrific ordeal at the Taj ,the Trident and Oberoi,and Leopold Cafe have their own horrific tales to tell. It's hard to even begin to fathom,the kind of cold blooded endeavour these Men have been conditioned to harbour.With the unearthing of their modus operandi,their technological skills,and aggressive training in Urban warfare,the terrorists have proved that they are a tour de force to reckon with.Maximum damage with limited resources.And it has become more than obvious that there is a Pan global support in their funding , Arms and Ammunition and logistical support.India has some of the best minds no doubt.Our intelligence wing is one of the finest in the world,but as you have said the hitch occurs at the political level,when dissemination and action on this information is required.The State and the Centre have miserably failed on that account.It is thanks to our NSG,the Army ,Navy,and the ATS that the damage was limited.The govt: has become proactive and have taken several tough decision making measures,since then.I only hope that Mr.Chidambaram will make all the difference,where Mr.Patil couldnt.

Sudheer M wrote at 11:11am on December 2nd, 2008

no congress man will make a difference as they are spineless creatures whose only work is to crawl in front of sonia & make money by hook or crook which also lands & goes right to the top & in their madness for power & money they will do anything including sell their mothers or their whole female tribe & also their MOTHERLAND for 30 pieces of silver & their votebanks politics neveris conducive to nation building

Samir N wroteat 1:18pm on December 2nd, 2008
I am not sure if there is a better alternative, all the political parties are so driven by power and money. Even BJP used the tragedy to further its political agenda with advertisements camouflaged as condolence posters. There really isn't much lower one can stoop. Its up to the citizens, the manner in which they cast their votes and how loud they can scream. Hope for the best!

Samir N wrote at 2:41pm on December 4th, 2008

Here is a Letter to editor in The Hindu that is worth a read:
"The headline, ‘Manmohan: no terrorist or enemy can destroy India’s unity’, illustrates how a Prime Minister can make a self-evident platitude sound like a new declaration of national intent and a call to arms by a patriotic, unifying group of politicians. After the thousands of terrorist attacks and tens of thousands of innocent lives lost, which successive bands of netas have done little about, the one thing every Indian knows without the need for exhortations from anyone is that every such attack has resulted in greater unity. If it had been otherwise, this country would have imploded years ago. Our politicians miss no opportunity to pit the Muslim against the Hindu, the Hindu against the Christian, one caste against another, tribes against castes, and sons of the soil against ‘outsiders.’ The only schism they have left untouched is the poor against the rich. Indian unity is a reality that exists, not because of, but despite their machinations." - N C