Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Teach for America"- There's more teaching to be done!

A social service group in India is consulting with TFA to develop a similar model for India. The challenges and workability of the program in a country like India are hard to predict. An analysis of TFA's working here in the US itself reveals that it has its share of critics.

Wendy Kopp started "Teach for America" in 1990 with a noble mandate to eliminate educational inequality. Today it has become America's largest provider of teachers for low-income urban and rural communities. The organization recruits recent college graduates of all academic majors who can commit to two years of teaching. Those who are accepted to the program attend an intensive 5-week summer preparation institute and are placed in one of the 26 urban and rural areas. Corps members are paid directly by the school districts where they work and receive the same salaries and health benefits as other beginner teachers. After they begin teaching, most recruits are required by state law to pass subject-area tests and take courses during the year. Many recruits receive their teacher certification after their two years.

While a lot of graduating seniors are driven by their earnest desire to do community service there is a fair share of those who are looking to TFA as a great resume filler..........

Read the whole essay at "India Indeed: Indepth"

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