Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ram Sethu - Congress Attempts to Build Bridges

In my recent post "Ram Sethu- Bridging Science with Faith" I had hoped that the controversy would encourage intelligent discussion on how science and faith could be amalgamated to solve the issue.
Unfortunately my hope that India's secular view on the Ram Sethu was a "sign of the times" and "a maturing India" were quickly washed away when India's culture Minister Ambika Soni offered to resign and the government put on hold the canal project. Rather than engaging in a meaningful debate, the Congress government has buckled under political pressure and an eagerness to appease the voters. It is not surprising though and I had indicated in my post that a "volt-face" from the government was highly likely.
Considering the theatrics that are usually involved in any such issue, all this is bound to get more interesting as political parties try to reap as much mileage off it as they can.

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