Monday, September 10, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa & Fashion faux pas

Every year Indian cloth designers showcase their creations at “India Fashion Week” to hopefully lure customers and distributors alike. This year India’s premier fashion event grew in size and attracted even more international buyers and interests.

In its honor I have donned the role of fashion critic and decided to be especially caustic towards a couple of “Magical Mentors” on Zee TV’s top rated music talent show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007.

I recently added Zee TV to my cable channel line up and finally had a chance to view the show that is raking in the moolah for Zee.

The show boasts of over the top sets, corny themes along and some very talented singers. The singers are both coached and critiqued by a set of music industry aficionados, the so called “Magical Mentors’

The singers are often dressed up in very unflattering costumes and jewelry as the singing contest morphs into a test of acting as much as singing. But the real show is at the mentor’s desk. Two of them attempt to exhibit their fashion sense each episode only to lower their style quotients below previously unsurpassed depths. Himesh Reshammiya tries hard to look “cool” but the harder he tries the more looking cool evades him. His head is perpetually partially hidden by some form of headgear of varying color and often with oversized lettering. His undersized clothing hugs dearly to his body and the deep necklines will make J-lo blush in a hurry. His chest isn’t the only thing he isn’t shy to show off, he often breaks into melody in his trademark high-pitched nasal voice during his analysis of contestants. Powdered face, glossed up lips, tinted glasses and perfectly set hair only make up a part of the flamboyant ensemble that is Bappi Lahiri. A gaudy over coat or shirt is usually overlaid with several pieces of shiny jewelry. As he rises to proclaim a score of “10 marks!” (a frequent score for him) he reveals more of his dazzling outfit that is sure to transfix you with its intricacies. As quirky as his dressing might be, it is unique and very original among any Indian celebrity. He deserves kudos on that aspect.

Despite their failing fashion sense, both of them are accomplished in their own genres and command an immense amount of respect in the music industry (Bappi more so than Himesh). For those that are musically challenged, like me, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa offers an entertaining sideshow.

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