Monday, September 10, 2007

Nawaz Sharif Enters Pak - but only in transit!

A very defiant Nawaz Sharif's return to Pakistan turned into a quick stop-over on a long international flight. The exiled ex-Prime Minister was arrested at the airport and flown back to Saudi Arabia. During his short stay at the airport he was not allowed any contact with the outside world and had a brief confrontation with the authorities when he refused to hand over his passport.

Pakistani politics has taken an interesting and very bold turn. Musharraf has seen increasingly brazen revolts to his dictatorship like rule. The country's Supreme court has shown great courage and dignity by ruling against him recently. Citizens have braved the military might and protested openly on the streets. Previous exiled and persecuted leaders are inspiring and instigating the people of Pakistan to voice their opinions as they attempt to return to active politics.

Democracy is making a slow comeback in the most unlikely of circumstances. Musharraf has had to watch his back even more closely. More so I think this time in history will go down as one of its most significant for Pakistan since its independence and partition from India.

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