Friday, September 7, 2007

Barack Obama in San Francisco

Barack Obama addressed "Women for Obama" rally in San Francisco on September 07, 2007.

So I am not completely sold on Obama's candidacy but there is no denying his charisma and ability to electrify an impatient crowd. His speech was very relevant and peppered with sterling sound bytes.

Below are some excerpts of what you will hear on the videos I recorded at the rally.

"We have seen a disastrous war in Iraq that should never have been authorized and should never have been waged.....a war that has to come to an end."

"Like my colleague Dick Durbin pointed out the other day, even Paris Hilton got some jail time" - in reference to Scooter Libby

"I think its time for us to engage with friends and enemies in a way that restores America's moral leadership securely in the world"

"George W Bush has been a great advertisement for the Democratic party"

"I have said there are no good options in Iraq, there are bad options and worse options, and we can be more careful getting out than we were careless getting in."

"We can end this war without George Bush, and if we don’t that will be the first thing I will do as President of the United States."

"... and as for the law “No child left behind” we are leaving money behind........which is why as president I will want a campaign to recruit an army of new teachers and we are going to pay them better, and were are going to give them more support and help them reach higher standards by working with them not working against them"

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V Cubed said...

Thanks for posting these so quickly! I loved the event.

The women gathered from around the Bay Area for Obama were an uplifting, diverse group. His speech was inspired and inspiring. His points were smart, his connection excellent.

I'm sold on Obama, not from speeches only, but from his impressive record on ethics, especially. I also appreciate that he takes no PAC, K Street or 527 money. If we do our work right, we will have a president with no debts to special interests for the first time in my lifetime.

Obama also stuns me with his intelligent foreign policies. He's tough, but not militaristic (I remember his 02 anti-Iraq War speech where he stated "We must stop arming both sides in every conflict"). He'll try to take down immediate threats, but he sees diplomacy, and health and education development, as the real solutions.

The man doesn't walk on water, he's just smart, sensible, pragmatic, and - well, seductive, in a cerebral way. (Of course he's gorgeous, but he could be really ugly and still appeal with his talks!) When Obama pushes us to go beyond "us vs. them", he pushes us to think and to act in a focused way for concrete change, not for one-up-manship.

I think he and Michelle are genuine intelligent people who will put our country first and foremost, before their own interests. Michelle didn't lust to be First Lady, but she's taken on the campaign with an honesty and intelligence I've never seen from a prospective First Lady.

Finally, I sense that Obama doesn't need the presidency, like some candidates seem to need it almost like a drug. He made his first million dollars writing books; he can make millions more doing just that. He wants the presidency to change our country, in our own eyes and the world's.

No pundit yikkity-yak can change what I've learned by digging into Obama's background and experience. He's hardworking, effective, diplomatic, determined, and he lives to make politics more inclusive, to make justice more a reality than a motto. I want Barack Obama as my President and Michelle Obama as my First Lady.