Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cadbury to get Indian kids chewing its gum

Cadbury is stepping up its game with plans to steal a large share of the bubble gum/chewing gum market in India.
It will use aggressive market researched tactics to attract both young and old consumers. Apparently Indian kids prefer strawberry flavoring and the teenagers; mixed fruit. We also prefer to have a liquid center to a dry piece of gum. So in keeping with the research, Cadbury will introduce a Strawberry and mixed fruit flavored gum with soft liquid filled centers in specially created wrapping to withstand the rigors of heat and transport in India. And if that does not get the kids emptying their pocket change for the gum, it hopes Bubba, the sunglass wearing cat appearing in ads will lure them further.
Just in case you are worried about how this might effect growing obesity in India, Cadbury's marketing director, Sanjay Purohit, assures us that the issue is " limited to a very, very tiny section of the extremely well-to-do people in large cities".

Source: Wall Street Journal "Cadbury's new Bubble-Gum Battle" Oct 4th, 2007

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