Sunday, September 23, 2007

Professionalism escapes “60 Minutes” Ahmadinejad Interview

“60 Minutes” correspondent Scott Pelley spoke with Ahmadinejad on Thursday in the garden outside his office in Tehran. The interview aired on CBS on September 23rd. (“60 Minutes” is a highly regarded investigative television news magazine on United States television, which has run on CBS News since 1968)

Even though Ahmadinejad is definitely no favorite of mine, Scott Pelley’s interrogation style questioning came across as being arrogant and disrespectful. As a reporter you would expect him to hide his bias or hostility, but it came blaring through loud and clear.

While a lot of questions carried serious validity, at the hands of Mr.Pelley, the interview lost some of its credibility. Mike Wallace could teach him a thing or two. (He had interviewed the President a few years ago)

Ahmadinejad might be no saint and his country might be one of Bush’s “Axes of Evil”, but as a head of a state, Mr. Pelley needed to realize the boundaries the office demands. For all the demonic qualities the President is said to possess, in comparison to Mr. Pelley, he came across as a dignified and composed gentleman. Imagine that!

In response to Mr.Pelly’s badgering, the Iranian premier said:
"This is not Guantanamo Bay. This is not a Baghdad prison. Please, this is not a secret prison in Europe. This is not Abu Ghraib, this is Iran. I'm the president of this country!"

Read a transcript of the interview at "60 minutes"

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