Sunday, September 16, 2007

Prakash Singh feels his own "Sting"

In 2001 Tehelka; an internet news site, made "sting" an often used word in the Indian media and viewer's vernacular. The website taped secret video footage of senior politicians, bureaucrats and army officers taking money in connection with a fake defence deal.The scandal forced the resignation of the president of BJP while Tehelka's readership and popularity soared. With news channels and outlets crowding the airwaves reporters are burdened with immense pressure to deliver the goods and up the other on "sting" operations.

Fake sting: TV reporter sent to judicial custody

So when Prakash Singh staged an elaborate set up framing a high school teacher (Uma Khurana) of pimping her own students, he had hoped to hit it big time. He probably assumed the outcry would be so loud his lies would be easily drowned. Except that it wasn't. A few days after the teacher alleged in his story was assaulted and fired from her job the truth surfaced. Mr. Singh now sits in jail and story unfurls outside his confines. Today one of the actors claims she was blackmailed into playing the role of a student. Mr. Singh himself might have been contracted not by his news agency but by a business man with a personal vendetta against the teacher.

Who said Indian TV isn't interesting?

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