Thursday, September 20, 2007

The "Outcastes" and how they try to make it out of the caste system

Recently, The Wall Street Journal ran an article (In India Dalits convert to Christianity and face extra bias - Yaroslav Trofimov) rightfully critical of the caste system but also calling the absence of extended protection to Christian Dalit converts as a double bias against them. In that I found my inspiration for this article.

are finding Christianity and Islam especially attractive. They are converting in droves to escape their branding as Dalits.

But Christian and Islam Dalit converts stand to lose not just their name tags but any benefit they received while they were legally Dalits. As such many Dalits shroud their conversion in secrecy. Recently there have been increasing calls from non-Hindu and social advocacy groups for the government to continue affirmative action for Dalit converts.

But by bringing an extended family of Dalits and ex-Dalits under the umbrella of special protection are we diluting the efficacy on those that need it the most, Dalits who remain Dalits?

To read more on what the defines the Caste System, the Dalits, affirmative action in their favor and how religious conversion is playing a major role in their lives, click here - The Outcastes

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