Tuesday, September 4, 2007

India's hungry can be fed

With billions in reserves (In 2001 India had a national stockpile of around 60 million tons of rice and wheat) and a robust economy India still suffers from a malnourishment epidemic and persistent hunger among many of its people. The United Nations' World Food Program claims that "nearly 50 percent of the world's hungry live in India, a low-income, food-deficit country. Around 35 percent of India's population is considered food-insecure, consuming less than 80 percent of minimum energy requirements."

What causes the persistence of food deprivation in the country? Either the food production and/or availability are failing the people (Food Security) or the people that are hungry cannot afford to the buy the food that is available (Financial Security).

If it can be argued that these are the root causes of hunger then a society that ensures all its people minimal financial security along with steady food security through a well governed public distribution system, then hunger could possibly be eradicated.

Read more on how I think the present system in India can be fixed or changed to be able to feed India's hungry at "India Indeed - Indepth"

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