Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Farmer suicides - Searching for a solution

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will review the situation on farmer suicides on August 31st during his visit to Mumbai and attempt to work out comprehensive strategies to combat the problem. Will it be more of the same? More aid packages or a true solid plan.
Trade liberalization and globalization now has our farmers competing in a global market whose complexities befuddle even the most educated among them.
With the opening of India's agricultural sector, international agri-business giants now get to sell genetically modified seeds with promises of high yielding crops. The modified seeds are often twice as expensive as the traditional ones and require costly pesticides and fertilizers to sustain their growth. Farmers have abandoned the traditional growing methods and seeds for the new branded ones, accepting the high costs as a measure towards eventual profits......
Read more on how Farmers have been forced into alternate farming methods and eventual debt at "India Indeed: Indepth"

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